शिक्षक एचीवर्स



Mrs. Rajalekshmi, PGT(Economics)  got highest PI in CBSE class XII Economics in the Ernakulam Region. She is also selected for posting at KV Kathmandu. 

Smt. Beena Mathews , PGT(Phy) received National Incetive Award for the Academic year 2016-17. 


Shri. Santhosh Kumar Kana, PGT(English) has published his Travelogue name "".

The Vidyalaya received award for the best CBSE result as, it is  one amoung the 14 best performed KVs in the Eranakulam Region.

Smt. Beena Mathews , PGT(Phy) and Shri. Harikumar A, TGT(WET) received Regional Incetive Award for the Academic year 2015-16.

Shri. Manesha Deva Sarma S N, TGT(Art) secured award from  Lalithakala Academy, Govt of Kerala for his Sculpture at Vaikom.