वर्तमान खबर


 Report of career guidance sesion on ssb procedures

The students of Kendriya Vidyalaya INS Dronacharya were really lucky to have their nominee Chairman Lt. Comm. Deepti Chouhan, who gave a career guidance session on SSB procedures. (Services Selection Board (SSB) is an organization that vets candidates for admission into the Armed Forces of India, as well as the Indian Navy.

At 12 o’clock the Senior Activity Room saw the students of Class XII really excited to listen and interact with her. The session was initiated with a welcome address by the Principal Mrs. Maya George.

Deepti Madam started her session by interacting with the students explaining about the procedures of selection to SSB. She shared her own experience and told about the main exams like UPSC, SSC,  and SSB.


Swachhta  Campaign  7thSeptember to 15th September’2017.

Vidyalaya, Kendriya Vidyalaya INS Dronacharya observed the Swachhta  Campaign as instructed by the Headquarters in compliance with Hon’ble Prime Minister’s goal of achieving a clean India by October2, 2019 under the Swatch Bharat Mission. As per the orders we were asked to take initiative for maintaining cleanliness by observing at least one fortnight of cleanliness drive and related activities under the banner of the Swahhta Pakwada but as our Vidyalaya was on holidays from 1st Septemeber to 6th Sepember, the programme had to be curtailed to 9 days starting from 7thSeptember to 15th September’2017. 



Teacher's day Celebration

Teacher's day was celebrated in our Vidyalaya, KV INS Dronacharya commemorating the Birth Anniversary of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the  late President of our great and glorious nation  who saw himself as a teacher all through his life..

The day started with a grand assembly presented by the  teachers which brightened the crowd and brought vigour and enthusiasm  among the students. The students of the XII were the students teachers for the day. After the role reversal it was time for the actual proceedings of the day which started with lighting the lamp by the Principal Mrs Maya George and the other teachers handling Class XII.


The Class XII students honoured the teachers by gifting them roses and sought  the blessings of the teachers. The Principal addressed the gathering of students, teachers and staff members. She  stressed that teaching was a  noble profession  and it is the profession that teaches all the other profession. She was vociferous while stressing that  this profession  should be selected as a choice and not as a chance. One with an inherent passion for teaching and a zeal to inspire children should become a teacher.


After the morning ceremony the 12th class students, the student teachers took the classes from 1st Std to 11th with great dedication and effort. The role reversal  helped them put themselves in their teachers’ shoes and understand the practical problems.


 International yoga day 
Many programmes were conducted in the school on account of the yoga day celebrations.
There were yoga sessions for the students by Physical education trainer Mrs. Kshema Joseph.
The session stated with prayer in which teachers and students joined wholeheartedly. 
 Some exercises like neck rotation, shoulder rotation, right and left leg rotation, badrasana etc.
Yoga was practiced in mass pt periods. The students were instructed to wear PT uniform. 
On the yoga day the programs started with a common prayer followed by practice of different Asanas like Vrikshasana, Paadahasthasan, Thadaasan, Nadishodan Pranayam, Sheethali Pranayam, etc…
The yoga was concluded by taking a pledge together. The encouraged the children to do yoga daily for improving all round health, concentration, will power etc. The school communities revived and rejoiced by doing asanas.    
Workshop For teachers
Mr. Salim Babu  from Little wonders has taken the class on e-Content


SESSION 1 ( 23.12.2016)- FOR TEACHERS

On 23.12.2016, the Vidyalaya has conducted a session on cashless digital transaction for all the teachers of the Vidyalaya. Mr. Soju.S, PGT( Comp.Sci) has handled the session. 



On 06.01.2017, a session was conducted on the topic digital cashless transaction for the SCOUT/GUIDES from 08.30 to 09.30 am at Sr. Activity Room. The session was handled by Mr. Soju.S, PGT(Comp.Scie), Mr. Maneesh Deva Sharma, TGT(AE), Mrs. Roopitha, TGT(Maths) and Mrs. Molly T M, TGT(Lib).

SESSION 3 ( 07.01.2017)- FOR PARENTS

On 07.01.2016 a session was conducted for the parents on digital cashless transaction by all Class Teachers from class I to X  during the PTA meeting.  






National Constitution Day was celebrated with real fervour in our Vidyalaya, KV INS Dronacharya on 26th November.

As per the direction received by the KVS, proper plannings were made for the smooth conduct. On 26th during the Morning Assembly mass reading of the Preamble of Indian Constitution was done. 

Later a skit was played by the students of Class X.C to make the Preamble easy to be understood by all the students. 15 students participated in the Skit. It was well received by the entire school. The Principal Mrs Maya George added to it by making the students clear about Fundamental Rights and Duties and where ends the limits and how it cannot be taken for granted for an occasion.

Debate was held for the seniors and the juniors. Two students from each House participated. 

As per the direction received from the MHRD and CBSE, students from Class VI to XI took part in the Quiz that was organised on 26th during the VI and VII period. The result of the Quiz Competition was uploaded on the CBSE Site 

In the Social science class the teachers ensured that all the students wrote the Preamble of Indian Constitution in their Notebook as part of FA 4 Assignment.


KVS Zonal level Youth Parliament competions has been conducted at KV Port Trust Auditorium. Teams from Eranakulam, Chennai, Bangalore, Hydrabad and Jabalpur Regions participated in the Competion. KV GCF No1 Jabalpur has won the Trophy.



Vigilance Awareness Week was observed from 31.10.2016 to 05.11.2016 with full enthusiasm in KV INS Dronacharya, Kochi. It commenced with the pledge on 31.10.2016 at 11.a.m.The Principal of the Vidyalaya, Mrs. Maya George administered the oath and all the employees took the oath affirming their commitment to eradicate corruption and to uphold the standards of ethical conduct, transparency and good governance.

Sensitization Programmes were held in the Morning assembly for all the students. Skits, Speeches, Stories etc were received in full spirit by the students. Skits depicted how corruption sprouts from the house itself where parents themselves display dishonesty and children imbibe the negative values.


National Education Day 

National Education Day was celebrated on 11th November, 2016 commemorating  the birth anniversary of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad in Kendriya Vidyalaya I N S Dronacharya as per the direction given by the Kendriya  Vidyalaya  Sangathan.  

The  programme began with the garlanding of the portrait of the first Education Minister of the country, Maulana  Azad by Mrs.  K.Sumathy , PGT Bio as the Principal Mrs. Maya George was on duty out of town.  Speeches were given by a student and a teacher in the Morning Assembly. The speech given by the student highlighted the role played by the great personality in the field of education. Later Mrs. Anitha Sarma PGT Bio in her speech stressed on the importance of education and its role in the upliftment of the society and oneself.  She urged the students not to waste the precious years meant for studies and she ended her speech with an inspirational story.


Essay Writing, Elocution and Extempore competitions were held in the 7th and 8th periods. “Importance of Education in life and society” was the topic for Essay Writing and students from Class VI to Class X took part. Extempore was conducted for students of Class IX and X and the students from Class VI to VII took part in   Elocution. The topic for the Elocution was – “Role of my school in shaping me” and for Extempore various topics related to Education were given.

House Bulletin Board had the topic- Knowledge is Power.  Senior students put in their heart and soul for decorating the Board.

 The Education Day was thus well celebrated.  

Swatchhta Pakhwada ( 1ST to 15TH September 2016)

Kendriya Vidyalaya INS Dronacharya observed the Swachhta  Campaign as instructed by the Headquarters in compliance with Hon’ble Prime Minister’s goal of achieving a clean India by October2, 2019 under the Swatch Bharat Mission. As per the orders we were asked to take initiative for maintaining cleanliness by observing at least one fortnight of cleanliness drive and related activities under the banner of the Swahhta Pakwads but as our Vidyalaya was on holidays from 9th Septemeber to 15th Sepember, the programme had to be curtailed to 9 days starting from 1st September to 9th September. 


In our Vidyalaya, the Cleanliness Drive is an ongoing Project and Parents and students are time and again been sensitized regarding the importance of Cleanliness and the need for the same.   Every meetings held with parents have an  orientation for sensitization  and imparting messages of cleanliness and sanitation among the children.  

A Cleanliness Committee has  already been constituted in our Vidyalaya  comprising 5 Teacher In-charges and 2 Swatchhta Leaders from each class.    The duty of the students is to monitor the cleanliness of their respective classroom  and bring it to the notice of the In-charge teachers.  Teachers  inspect the sanitary facilities of the toilets and the cleanliness of the entire school premises periodically and the report is submitted to the Principal for further action. 

Efforts are always made in the classroom and during the Morning Assembly to keep the premises litter free.  Eco Club and the Scouts& Guides collectively took up the responsibility of cleaning the entire premises and the students of each classroom cleaned up their classroom and made it dust free and cobweb free.  Our school premises comes in the No- Plastic  Zone and there is prohibition of polythene bags in the premises.

Essay Competition on the topic- “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” was conducted on 8th September for the students of IX, X and XI in the 4th period as the Pre SAI was  conducted during the Second Half.   On the same day a Painting Competition was conducted during the 3rd and 4th period for the students of VI, VII and VIII. The theme for the Painting Competition was  “Cleaner Surrounding”

Banners on Swachhta were displayed on prominent sites in the School to create awareness among the students regarding Cleanliness and its necessity in today’s world.

Weeding out / recordings of the old files and records are effectively ensured in due accordance with rules.

The Vidyalaya and its premise is completely free of broken furniture, unusable equipments, defunct vehicles etc. 

The Cleanliness Campaign has been taken up as a compulsory activity and every class is assessed for its cleanliness and neatness and a Rolling Trophy is given on every Saturday for the Best Classroom of the week.

In Primary, the Swachhta  Abhiyaan was taken up by the Eco Club and the Cubs& Bulbuls. Eco Club took the responsibility of cleaning the entire campus and the Cubs and Bulbuls cleaned the classroom and decorated it as well.

To motivate the students and instill the value of Cleanliness and Hygiene, Short films  are screened often as we believe in the motto- Catch them young.


Thus we observed Swatchhta Abhiyan in the true letter and spirit.



Language week celebration (22 to 27/08/2016) culminated with the Cluster level competitions ( Eng. Elocution, Hindi Kavya Paat, Sanskrit Shloka, Sanskrit Quiz) held on 27/08/2016 in KV INS Dronacharya.

The Cluster level competition were for 10 school but only 7 participated. The schools that participated were

1. KV No I Naval Base

2. KV No II Naval Base

3. KV Port Trust

4. KV INS Dronacharya

5. KV NAD Aluva

6. KV NTPC Kayamkulam


7. KV Rubber Board Kottayam




 Cluster Level Social Science Exhibition




 Independence Day 2016



 Regional & Cluster level sports meet 2016

Regional level Handball match conducted in this Vidyalaya.


Vidyalaya Level Social Science Exhibition 2016

The Vidyalaya level Social Science exhibition was conducted on 23rd July 2016. All the selected charts and Albums from inter class competition were exhibited.


 Investiture Ceremony.

Investiture ceremony was held at Vidyalaya Auditorium on 5th Jyly 2016. The event was presided by the Nominee Chairman Lt. Deepti Chouhan and the Principal.


  2nd International Yoga Day

The 2nd international yoga day was celebrated on 21st June 2016 all over the world. Yoga means an art of living.
Many programmes were conducted in the school on account of the yoga 
 From 15/6/2016 to 17/6/2016 there was yoga sessions for the students by Gurus from art of living foundation Government of India were invited to take the sessions. 
There was an afternoon session for teachers, in which teachers have done some exercises like neck rotation, shoulder rotation, right and left leg rotation, badrasana under the guidance of the yoga master from Art of Living.
Yoga was practiced from the previous three days of the yoga day after the assembly for a better performance on yoga day. The students were instructed to wear PT uniform. 
On the yoga day the programs started with a common prayer followed by practice of different Asanas like Vrikshasana, Paadahasthasan, Thadaasan, Nadishodan Pranayam, Sheethali Pranayam, etc…
The yoga was concluded by taking a pledge together. The Guru encouraged the children to do yoga daily for improving all round health, concentration, will power etc. The school communities revived and rejoiced by doing asanas.    
Display board competition: The topic for display board competition was also decided as international yoga day. Various houses have decorated their display board in a very beautiful manner. The best houses were given prizes too. All together it was a rich experience for the children. 

 World Environment Day 05.06.2016

Relevance of the day: World Environment Day (WED) is observed every year on 5 June to raise global awareness to take positive environmental action to protect nature and the planet Earth. It is run by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). "World Environment Day (WED) is the United Nations’ most important day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment. Since it began in 1974, it has grown to become a global platform for public outreach that is widely celebrated in over 100 countries."At school level it is to create love towards nature and to protect the environment.


At school level the following programmes were held in our school on account of the world environment day celebrations:
Special Programme 
A special programme was presented by Aparna Ray and her friend Aleena of class XII A on the topic World Environment Day and especially about the importance of tree plantation.
A small skit was presented by the students of class III A related to increase in temperature on the topic tree plantation. It was very informative.

The saplings are being nourished by the students. This program is still under progress.  
House Display Board Competition.
The topic for the display board competition for the month June was “World Environment Day”. The various houses have decorated their house bulletin boards very beautifully. They were made beautiful and green.

Tree plantation drive
Environment Day celebrations in our school were made more memorable as our Hon. Chairman of the Vidyalaya CAPTAIN SATISHENOI  joined our celebrations by planting a sapling in the school garden.
 Class wise plantations were also done successfully. 5 saplings from each class were brought and were planted in the various corners of the Vidyalaya premise under the guidance of the eco club masters of our school.

 National Youth Day Celebration

The National Youth Day was celebrated in the Vidyalaya in a befitting manner.

In the morning assembly the Primary students presented a special item on the life of Swami Vivekananda. Kumari Saikripa of X-A gave an inspiring speech stressing on the life and message of Swamiji during the Morning Assembly. 

An array of programmes was conducted by the scouts and guides of the Vidyalaya. An essay writing competition was conducted on the topic “Role of Youth in Nation Building”.

Kumari. Devi Krishna of IX-A won the first position. Kumari  Nainital Alex XI-A, Kumari Junia K J of IX-A shared the second position and Kumari Ashwathy of IX-B won the third prize.

 A debate competition was conducted in the school auditorium on the topic “youth is not a question of years”. Eight students participated in the competition. Four students talked for the motion and four students spoke against the motion. It was a vibrant competition. The students shared their views and suggested measures to overcome the issues. Aparna Ray and Archana P of Class XI  secured first position in for the motion and against the motion respectively.


A yoga session was conducted for the scouts and guides of the Vidyalaya. The session was handled by Shri. Manesh Deva Sharma, Scout Master.


 Regional Incentive Award 2015.

Smt. Beena Mathews, PGT(Physics) and Shri.  Harikumar, TGT(WET) received KVS Regional Incentive award for their outstanding contributions


 Youth Parliament 2015 ( Vidyalaya Level) date: 01.12.2015





 Constitution Day Celebration  2015

Advocate Shri. SUNIL KUMAR from KELSA has delivered a speech on importance of Constitution in connection with observation of Constitution Day on 26th Nov 2015.


 Social Science Quiz competition 


 Annual Academic Panel Inspection 2015

The Annual Academic panel inspection 2015 held on 12th and 13th November 2015. 

Morning Assembly








Scout/Guide Activities



 Primary Cluster Level Sports Meet.


 Flag Day Celebration


 Science Exhibition

Vidyalaya level Science Exhibition conducted on 07/11/2015. All students from Classes VI to XI have participated.


Art Exhibition 02,03 nov 2015


 CBSE Cash Award distribution 


Rashtriya Ekta Diwas 31.10.2015

Rashtriya Ekta diwas was celebtrated in our Vidyalaya in a very enthusiastic manner on 31st Octobr 2015.

In the assembly, the special program was presented by Kumari Surya G of class XII, on unity in diversity. It was an educative presentation.

Principal madam Mrs. Maya George delivered a speech on Maulana Abul Kalam Azad and importance of unity and nationalism among the students and teachers. She exhorted the children to strive hard to work for the unity of our country.


The pledge of unity was administered by the principal Mrs Maya George  to the students and the teachers during the morning assembly. 



 Community Lunch




  Vigilance Week Cerlebration 

Vigilance Awareness Week -  2015 was observed by KV INS DRONACHARYA in a befitting way.  A  variety of programme was arranged under CCA . 

In the Morning Assembly on 28th October 2015, children presented a skit on Anti-Corruption.  School leader Kumari Revathi Remesh of Class XII gave an inspiring speech on the topic “preventive Vigilance” to make the students aware about the importance of being vigilant.

The Honourable Principal Mrs. Maya George of the Vidyalaya gave a speech on this occasion.  She stressed on the importance of good governance and their effective Implementation.  She also pointed that the main characteristics of good governance are transparency, accountability, following rule of law, being inclusive, effective and efficient.  Good governance and preventing vigilance share several characteristics and therefore, preventive vigilance needs to be implemented as a tool of good governance.  

 An essay writing competition was conducted for the students of classes IX to XI during the CCA period on 30th October 2015. The topic was “Preventive Vigilance as a tool for good governance”.  Classes VI to VIII had a slogan writing competition on the topic “preventive Vigilance/Anti-corruption” on 30th October 2015.  All the students participated enthusiastically for the competition.  The best three from each section will be selected and will be  awarded the prize. 


On 28th October after the morning assembly Principal of the Vidyalaya administered the pledge to the staff members.


Onam Celebration 2015 ( 26.08.2015)

The vidyalaya has celebrated the Onal Festival on 26.08.2015 with various activities and programmes by the students of our Vidyalaya.






 Charity During Onam.



 Independence Day Celebration 2015




  Regional Social Science Exhibition




 Dr. Satbir Bedi, IAS, Joint Secretary MHRD, Chairperson CBSE visited the Vidyalaya.




During the July 2015, the charity club memebers visted the slum ares in cochin and ditributed rice and dal. Also they have visted the Ashwas Bhavan, cochin to ditribute the contributions of students.


On August the club has purchased medicine for the tribal people of Wayand and handed over it to Smt. Riji, Co-ordinator of Tribal welfare.


At school level, the day was observed solemnly on 25.07.2015. The program was organized by Akhil Bharatiya poorv sainik sewa parishad. The program started by 12.00 noon and ended by 1.30 pm. Maj. (Retd) Kumar, Founder Member ABPSSP delivered the Kargil Day Message. Commander (Retd) K C Mohan Pillai, President, ABPSSP Ernakulam Dt, Shri. Sanjayan, Secretary, ABPSSP KErnakulam Dist were also present in the occasion.



On 13th July 2015, during the assembly, Alphia Ravenna of class X A presented a special item on the relevance of the day. 

 Social Science Exhibition 2015 ( 01.08.2015)

School level Social Science Exhibition 2015-16 has conducted in the Vidyalaya Library on 1st August 2015.Th exhibition was inaugurated by Smt. Maya George, Principal. Students of class VI to XI are actively participated in the exhibition with innovative and informative Charts, Albums, Models and Projects. 




The Vidyalaya has celebrated the Digital India Week. The vision of Digital India programme aims at inclusive growth in areas of electronic services, products, manufacturing and job opportunities etc. The vision of Digital India is centered on three key areas – Digital Infrastructure as a Utility to Every Citizen, Governance & Services on Demand and Digital Empowerment of Citizens.various activities like IT Quiz, Papaer presentation, Essay writing and Story writing competitions were conducted for students from 04.07.2015 to 10.07.2015. 


 Scouts & Guides adventure trip 2015


 Investiture ceremony 2015


 International Yoga Day 2015


 Charity 2015 Latest


Annual Day 2015

The Vidyalaya has celebrated 32nd Annual Day on 07.04.2015 at 05.30pm. Capt. Satish Shenai, Commanding Office, INS Dronacharya & Chairman VMC was the Chief Guest on the occasion. Smt. Nilima Shenai has given away prizes to the students having excellence in Academic and Co-curricular activities.





Thinking Day Celebration



The thinking day was celebrated in our Vidyalaya with an observance of all faith prayer. The Deputy Commissioner Mr. Selvaraj,  The Assistant Commissioner Mrs. Meenakshi and The Principals of neighbouring   Kendriya Vidyalayas-  Mrs. Sreekumari, KV Ernakulam, Mrs. Holly George , KV Port Trust, Mr. SanthoshKumar  KV No.1 Naval Base  and Mr. Joy Joseph K.V no.2 Naval Base led the prayer on the dias along with the Scout Masters, Guides Captains. Flock Leaders and Cub Masters of the school.

The Scouts, Guides, Cubs and Bulbuls of the Vidyalaya actively participated in rendering the prayers and songs.



   The divisional award giving ceremony hosted at our Vidyalaya on 23/02/2015. Mr. Karunakaran,Assistant Commissioner KVS Regional Office, Ernakulam welcomed the dignitaries, award winners and the gathering. Mrs. Ajitha ,T.G.T English of K V Port Trust and Mr. Abdul Shamz ,TGT SST K V Kanjikode were given a cash award, memento and certificate by the Deputy Commissioner for their remarkable performance in Scouts and Guides movement. The dignitaries and award winners were given a rousing welcome with band and buggle. The deputy commissioner garlanded the photographs of Mr. Baden Powell and Lady Baden Powell. This was followed by a ceremonial grand salute by the Cubs and Bulbuls with a welcome dance. The Oriya dance was performed by the Guides followed by  pyramid formations by the Scouts. The Deputy Commissioner appreciated the contribution of Mr. Muhammed Shamz and Mrs. Ajitha and spoke about the importance of the Scouts Movement. The Deputy Commissioner in his presidential address exhorted the gathering to lead a creative life by helping others and making others happy.The function ended with the vote of thanks proposed by Mr. Reji V R Nath , the venue Vice Principal.


 Jyotidaan 2015

The Vidyalaya has conducted the Jyotidaan in connection with the farewell for Class XII students. Teachers have showed blessing for all 12th class studends who ar goining for the CBSE Board examination from March 2015 onwards.  


Republic Day Celebration

The  Vidyalaya has celebrated the 66th Republic Day on 26th January 2015 to honours the date on which the Constitution of India came into force. 





Run Kerala Run

The students our Vidyalaya participated in the ' Run Kerala Run' organized in connection with National Games to be held at Trivandrum, Kerala.




Charity 2015

The students along with teachers have visted poor homes and Orphanages and distributed Rice and dal to them.


X'mas Celebration

The Vidyalaya has celebrated Christmas on 22nd December 2014.



CBSE Award for academic Excellence.

CBSE Cash award Rs.5000/- was distributed to the students who secured A1 grade for all subjects in X and XII board examination for the academic year 2013-14. 



Special programme by club members.

Students of vrious clubs have showcased special programme related to their club during the assembly time.Members of  LIterature club, Science club, Nature club, Mathematics club, Integrity club, Rajya Bhasha club, Road Safety club etc has participated in the programmes.


Celebration of National Mathematics day and Mathematics week in December 2014

The Vidyalaya is celebrating the National Mathematics day and Mathematics week in December 2014  to mark the 125th birth anniversary of Srinivasa Ramanujan.

Competition Class Topic Date Period Venue
Drawing IV & V Using mathematical shape draw pictures 16.12.2014 7th & 8th Auditorium
Painting VI to VIII Maths in everyday life 16.12.2014 7th & 8th Sr.Activity room
Poster making IX to XI

Importance of Mathematics, Maths and its modern days application

16.12.2014 7th & 8th Sr.Activity room
Essay writing VI –VII Story of 0 and Pi 17.12.2014 8th Sr.Activity room
" VIII to IX Contribution of Indian Mathematics 17.12.2014 8th Sr.Activity room
" X to XI Mathematical Heritage in India 17.12.2014 8th Sr.Activity room
Making Tangram VII –VIII Different shapes 18.12.2014 6th & 7th Library
On 17.12.2014 in the morning assembly conversation arranged on the topic “NUMBERS RULE THE UNIVERSE”
On 19.12.2014 screened short movie on Life of Srinivasa Ramanujan, story of Zero and Story of pi.
On 20.12.2014, organized school level Maths exhibition.



Program by Students of KV INS Dronacharya during the Regional Incentive award function.


42nd Jawaharlal Nehru Science, Mathematics and Environment Exhibition

42th Jawaharlal Nehru Science, Mathematics and Environment Exhibition for Children was conducted ( Vidyalaya level) on 29.11.2014 for classes from VI to XI. The Exhibition was conducted under the categories  Community Health and Environment/ Landmarks in Science and Mathematics/ Information and communication technologies/ Energy-Resource and conservation/Transport/ Waste Management.


Session on Cyber Security


M/s QuickHeal technologies has conducted class for IX,X and XI students on Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes on 28.12.2014. Shri Sreejith from QuickHeal has handled the session. During this classes he has discussed about various types of threats to computers and security problems while doing the transactions in internet. He has pointed out phishing, hacking and spamming. 

Interactive Session.

An interaticive session with Shri. Vijay Memon was conducted 25.11.2014 for teachers.


Children's day celebration

The Primary section has celebrated November 14th as Children's Day. In the morning assembly, Master. Arya Subanand became 'Chach Nehru' and gave a good message to the students. arious programmes were conducted in which about 65 primary class students actively participated.


Annual Sport Day Celebration 2014-15

The Vidyalaya has celebrated the 29th Annual Sports Day on 04th November 2014 in an excellent manner. Shri. JAYAKUMAR K.A, International Athlete was the Chief Guest on this occasion. Various sports events are conducted for the students and also for the teachers. Mrs. Maya George, Principal of the Vidyalaya has distributed the prizes and trophy to winners.



Career Guidence Class

TheVidyalaya has been observed  thinking day on 22.01.2013 to memorize the  Birth Anniversary of Loard Birdon Powel, the founder of Scout & Guides movement. Scouts & Guides of the vidyalaya has organized a function in which the Principal, Shri. A.S Thakur  has addressed the student. During his speech he emphasized the motto of this foundation and stressed that the Scouts & Guides has been able to face any challenges during  every day life. Mr. A.L Patel, TGT(Maths)  was also present in the programme.


Book Fair

A book fair was conducted in the Vidyalaya Library on 10th and 11th of November 2014 by Bharath Publication, Cochin. The Vidyalaya Principal, smt. Maya George has Inaugurated the book fair. Shri Reji V Nath, Vice Principal was also present during the inaugural functio. The students are their parents were given the oppertunity to visit the book fair.





Swachh Bharat Mission


The Swachh Bharat Mission was executed at Vidyalaya level in the month of October 2014, commemorating the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation. A ‘Swachh Sabha’ was formed at Vidyalaya level with Principal as Patron and 3 executive committees at Primary, Secondary and Senior Secondary level. Each committee has 3 staff members, 3 student council members and 3 house keeping staff to ensure cleanliness of class rooms, corridors and toilets. The executive committee will inspect classrooms weekly once and the best class in each Primary, Secondary and Senior Secondary level will be given rolling trophies. The best class  throughout the year will be given a trophy at the end of each academic year considering into account the cleanliness and academic ambience of the particular class.

Special item in every assembly will be based on the particular theme “Cleanliness”. Skit, Role play, discussion, awareness campaign are some of the activities organized in connection with this. Students Council members are keeping a vigilant watch over any practice by students inside and outside the Vidyalaya campus.

Topic for class room bulletin board / house bulletin board are given with a Theme of ‘Clean surroundings’. Bulletin boards will be judged every month and prices will be given.The Vidyalaya surroundings are always kept clean and tidy. An aesthetically managed garden with shady trees add to the beauty of the Vidyalaya.The activities will be continued intensively and extensively to achieve Swachh Bharat by 2019. 


Charity Initatives by the Vidyalaya.

On 29th September 2014 the Scouts of class XI along with the Scout Master Mr.C.P Ramachandran, Mr. Harikumar, TGT(WET) and Mr. Sreekumar, TGT(Art) visited “Snehabhavan” an orphanage for children at Palluruthy. The children has donated rice, dal, peas, nuts etc to the inmates. The Scouts interacted with sixty children of the Snehabhavan, who all are in the age group of 8 to 15. The Scouts played games with the children and has exhibited the value of empathy and charity



  Celebration of Sanskrit Week   The Vidyakaya is celebrating the  Sanskrit Week in our Vidyalaya from 07-08 2014 to 13-08-2014. A banner having the emblem of KVS  and the day and date of Sanskrit Week Celebration has been made and  displayed on the stage in the Vidyalaya Auditorium.   Various competitions have been arranged for the students  by dividing them in to three groups  6-8 , 9-10 , 11-12. Geetha chanting ,Sloka recitation , Group Song , Essay writing etc are the competitions planned to conduct on these days.These competitions will be conducted housewise.   Smt. N Sumathy, Principal I/C inaugurated the Sanskrit week celebrations by lighting the lamp during the morning assembly.    Students have presented the assembly programmes  such as thoughts , pledge , news , special item etc in Sanskrit language. A Geetha chanting completion was conducted after the Inaugural session.   Class wise children were made to read Sanskrit thoughts. Lofty thoughts and Slokas will also prepared and displayed in the Vidyalaya premises.       Dr Edanad Rajan Nambiar , Professor,Sankaracharya Sanskrit University  has consented to be the Chief Guest for the Closing Ceremony of the Sanskrit week celebrations. It has been decided to give certificates and prizes to the winners of various competitions during the closing ceremony