Teacher Achievers



Mrs. Rajalekshmi, PGT(Economics)  got highest PI in CBSE class XII Economics in the Ernakulam Region. She is also selected for posting at KV Kathmandu. 

Smt. Beena Mathews , PGT(Phy) received National Incetive Award for the Academic year 2016-17. 


Shri. Santhosh Kumar Kana, PGT(English) has published his book, a Travelogue named " KATHMANDU" in Malayalam.

The Vidyalaya received award for the best CBSE result as, it is  one amoung the 14 best performed KVs in the Eranakulam Region.

Smt. Beena Mathews , PGT(Phy) and Shri. Harikumar A, TGT(WET) received Regional Incetive Award for the Academic year 2015-16.

Shri. Manesha Deva Sarma S N, TGT(Art) secured award from  Lalithakala Academy, Govt of Kerala for his Sculpture at Vaikom.