Innovation and Experimentation done by teachers 2017-18

1.Paper making- The project for making recycled paper was launched in the vidyalaya with the objective to instill in children the 3R’s of conservation, ie. Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. It also impart hands on experience in the craft of paper making. A simple roller machine was designed for compressing the moulded wet paper and work experience periods are utilized for making the pulp and moulding it. -  Project Under taken by Mrs. Mary Joice Antony

2.Drona Vaani- Vidyalaya Radio station

Programmes are broadcasted through vidyalaya radio station on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11.30 am to 12.00 noon. Ie during Lunch break.Public speaking and listening skills of the students get improved through this. It give an opportunity for the hesitant students to test their inmate talents and remove the stage fear.  

3.Improving language skill - An Innovative approach: - The functional structural parts of a language like Homonyms, Synonyms, Homophones, Prepositions etc are taken up during the Morning Assembly every day. The usage is written on the classroom black boards and the language teachers will give stress to it during regular period. Students will note it down and based on this a test is conducted at the end of the year under CCA and prizes are given.

School Nursery : Organic farming of  vegetables in the grow bag is done near the Primary wing to encourage the use of fresh and pesticide free vegetables.

Bio pedestal : In order to inculcate the habit of processing kitchen waste at the source Bio pedestal are installed in the campus




Innovation and Experimentation

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Defects of Human Eye

X & XII Physics

To understand the defects: short sight & long sight and to correct the defect


 PGT( Physics)



"I feel, like writing"

IX & XI English

To overcome students' aversion towards Descriptive Writing by exposing them to 'real-life situations' which are directly related to the tasks assigned in their text books.  To motivate them to be 'original' in writing.





"Grammar through Activity"

Topic :Nouns

VIII English

To overcome students' dislike towards Grammar by showing them to life situations which are related to their text books assignments.