Fee Structure





No  Name  Amount 
Admission Fee  Rs. 25.00 
Re Admission Fee Rs 100.00 
Tutition Fee   
3(a)  Class IX & X (Boys)  Rs 200.00 
3(b)  Class XI & XII Commerce & Humanities (Boys)  Rs 300.00 
3(c)  Class XI & XII Science (Boys)  Rs.400.00 
Computer Fund   
4(a)  Class III onwards wherever Computer Education is being imparted  Rs 100.00 
4(b)  Computer Science Fee. (for elective subjects) + 2 stage Rs 150.00 
Vidyalaya Vikas Nidhi   
5(a)  Class I - X  Rs 500.00 
5(b)  Class XI & XII (non-science)  Rs 500.00 
5(c)  Class XI & XII (Science)  Rs 500.00 





NO Tuition Fee for SCs, STs and Children of KVS Employees


Payment of Fees is on quarterly basis.  Fee is  collected by the officials of Canara Bank deputed to the school, at the beginning of April, July, October and January. 


Late Payment Fine & Re-admission Fee: The fee is to be paid on or before the 15th of the month. If 15th of the month happens to be a holiday, the fee is to be paid on the next working day.  Thereafter, a higher contribution (Rs.5/-)[for VVN]/Late Payment Fine [Rs.5/-](for Tuition Fee)per day should be paid in addition to the prescribed fees.  The name of the student will be struck off the roles if the fee is not paid till the last working day. Such a student may be re-admitted only on payment of a re-admission fee of Rs.100/- together with up-to-date dues.


                                      KV INS DRONACHARYA